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V3 Free roam Boss styles - Difficulty increase - Population change
V3 Bully Freeroam Bossstyles-difficulty-population
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Description: V3 Version of my previous mod, it adds a trigger.img file containing changes to population meaning that if you have issues using the img tool to insert the population.dat folder inside of it, you can just use this in your DAT folder instead. It also adds a new difficulty that is almost identical to the base game for those who enjoy the base game the best, fixes the issues with the Comfortable difficulty in the v2 version and  rebalances a bunch of stats the files as well as some minor thins I overlooked, such as some of the girls accidentally having higher stats than I intended in some versions. This is most likely the final version since I can't think of what else needs to change or can be added.

This mini-mod puts together most of the commonly requested things by bully players. That being: the spawning of missing characters into freeroam, adding most of the missing boss-styles to most characters, increasing the difficulty of the game, and making it that different cliques spawn into places like the boy's dorm as well as some additional stuff.  Iím basically posting what I wish I could have found more easily when I first played Bully, which is an easy way to make the game even more fun and difficult.
To ensure that I cover everyoneís preferences as much as possible Iíve created multiple difficulty scenarios with different pedstats files, ranging from close to the base game to hard. In multiple of those scenarios, Iíve also added other optional additional choices such as having Peanut, Gord, and Nortonís mini-boss health and Bryceís boxing Bryce health as well as the choice to have stronger versions of the Clique leaders in Complete Mayhem. Iíve also increased the number of Preppies spawned in Old Bulworth Vale and allowed other cliques to roam in the school area as well as other things. All to ensure that you could have the best gameplay experience that suits you best.

If you would like more information on all the changes made check out this post:

The files included in this mini-mod include an ide.img, which needs to replace the ide.img inside the objects folder inside your local Bully files. Within the difficulty section, you'll find many pedstats.dat files with different scenarios, choose on to your liking and use it to replace the og pedstats.dat file which you can find by opening the config folder and then the dat folder in your Bully local files. The PedPop.dat file can be found in the same place and can be replaced by the one inside this zip file.

The Trigger.img file needs to replace the one inside the DAT folder, however, if you are using mods that use the Trigger.img I suggest inserting the population.dat file inside it with an img.tool instead.

The Population.dat file is a bit more tricky, you'll need an IMG-tool to insert it inside the Trigger.img folder located inside the DAT section. You'll need to open the Trigger.img file and replace the population.dat file inside of it with this one. This will increase the number of preps spawned in Old Bullworth Vale and allow other cliques like the jocks to spawn within the school grounds. If you feel uncomfortable messing with the files like this, that's completely fine, the rest of the mod works perfectly without it.

Here is a link to instal the IMG-Tool:
Keywords: Free roam - Boss Style - Difficulty increase - Population spawn 
Posted by: Micha March 03, 2021, 01:13:29 PM

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